A Grinding Hardcore Punk Band from Melbourne - Australia

= Purveyors of GRUDGE!CORE =

Grudge! are four like-minded musical assassins channeling concepts from each of their 20+ years experience playing in bands & making sounds that span almost every avenue of intense & heavy musical form.

A relentless Grinding Hardcore Punk undertone & technical precision, Grudge! blurs the lines of convention, expect a jagged & powerful sound that will always keep you enthralled & on your toes.

The band officially began in 2013 after a rename from an earlier project, (Freight Train Theory) that began in 2007. With a 7 track self titled debut EP released in 2014 & a dedicated and hardworking ethic, Grudge! have quickly forged their way into regular shows, playing alongside some of the best Heavy & Fast Aussie bands. Black Jesus, Hailgun, Intense Hammer Rage, Brazen Bull, Disparo!, In:Extremis, Fat Guy Wears Mystical Wolf Shirt & Black Rheno (to name just few.) Also the odd internationals like In:Defense, Graves & ShitRipper.

In early 2016 grudge! released their 1st full length album 'No Acceptanceā€¯ which includes 13 tracks of hard hitting Grudge!Core. Next, the release of 2 singles (Stray Venom + Frail Minds & Empty Shells) & an official video (With No Bias), you can expect everything from Grind to Sludge, Punk to Metal & everything else yet to be classified....No Acceptance...

After a strong list of shows to close out 2016 Grudge! is already pushing harder to make 2017 their strongest year yet! Kicking off the touring diary at MELT YA FACE & FILTH fest, and some regional shows then the return of Grudge!'s own GRUDGEFEST! in March!

Also teaming up for multiple split EP releases (which are due throughout the year) and an East Coast Tour. Sydney's Disparo!, Brisbane's Pavarotti and the Grudge!core sound will be hitting the road towards the end of 2017, taking their manic blast punk mania to hard hitting music lovers around Australia..

Frank - Screamz
Rusty - Beatz
Erik - Beerz
Sykes - Subz

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